Learning Physical Human-Robot Cooperation Tasks

example task

Project type

Industry project (Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH, HTSM PPS-toeslag); 2017-2022


Human-robot interaction and collaboration is of fundamental importance for any robot leaving the safety of fences on a highly-structured factory floor: service and care scenarios, medical applications, offshore, maintenance and inspection, as well as industrial assembly. In this project, we will develop new concepts and techniques for robot learning that endow robots with the capability to physically interact and collaborate with humans. In particular, we will consider tasks related to joint handling of large objects, i.e., jointly transporting and manipulating them. Examples include transporting and assembling light traverses, or changing tires on a car.

Project members

ir. Linda van der Spaa, ir. Tamas Bates, Dr. Jihong Zhu, Dr.-Ing. Jens Kober, Dr.-Ing. Michael Gienger

Publications with videos

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Publications without videos

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