BSc internships / research assistantships

Our department does not offer any such positions for external students.

MSc projects

I currently have a single available project on understanding tooth extraction using robot technology. Vacancies for other projects again from September 2020 onwards. I will be able to accept a few students of the Vehicle Engineering track and BioRobotics specialization within the MSc Mechanical Engineering. For all other MSc programs, tracks, and specializations see below.

Initiative Applications:

We can occasionally accommodate (additional) highly motivated students in MSc projects or in ongoing projects before their graduation stage.

If you are interested in working on a project with us, please send us ca. 1 academic quarter before the intended starting date an e-mail including:

The motivation letter should state


Olav Jacobs “Cooperative Robotic Arms for Parcel Picking”
Mentors: Jan-Willem Damsteeg (PrimeVision), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Nathan Timmers “Designing a controller for assisting human balance recovery using an Angular Momentum Exchange Actuator”
Mentors: Saher Jabeen (TU Delft), Heike Vallery (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Peter Valletta “Uncertainty-based Interactive Learning”
Mentors: Rodrigo Perez Dattari (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Snehal Jauhri “Robot learning from non-expert trajectories/observations”
Mentors: Carlos Celemin (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Niels Lander “Interactive Learning of Force Tasks”
Mentors: Carlos Celemin (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Willem de Graaf “A Modern Analysis of Tooth Removal”
Mentors: Jens Kober (TU Delft), Tom van Riet (AMC)


Sjouke de Zwart “Impact-Aware Learning from Demonstration”
Mentors: Alessandro Saccon (TU/e), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Julian Freiherr von der Goltz “Classification of Damages on Aircraft Inspection Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks”
Mentors: Wei Pan (TU Delft), Jochem Verboom (Mainblades Inspections), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Thijs Greevink “Prioritized Experience Replay based on the Wasserstein Metric in Deep Reinforcement Learning”
Mentors: Tim de Bruin (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Jan Scholten “Deep Reinforcement Learning with Feedback-based Exploration”
Mentors: Carlos Celemin (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Daan Wout “Policy Learning with Human Teachers - Using directive feedback in a Gaussian framework”
Mentors: Carlos Celemin (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Mart Beeftink “Learning Kinematic Models using a Single Tele-Demonstration”
Mentors: Ewout Arkenbout (HIT), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Konstantinos Kokkalis “LMI-based Stability Analysis for Learning Control”
Mentors: Sebastian Trimpe (MPI-IS), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Sathish Krishnamoorthi “Model-Based Compensation for Serial Manipulators through Semi-Parametric Gaussian Process Regression”
Mentors: Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Martijn Kist “Development of sway reduction control for the Jacket Lift System of Pioneering Spirit”
Mentors: Niels Mallon (Allseas), Marijn Dijk (Allseas), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Bart Keulen “Smart Start: A Directed and Persistent Exploration Framework for Reinforcement Learning”
Mentors: Jerry Pratt (IHMC), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Wuyang Duan “Learning State Representations for Robotic Control - Information Disentangling and Multi-modal Learning”
Mentor: Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Jovana Radojevic “Cooperative Visual Object Learning”
Mentors: Lydia Fischer (HRIeu), Heiko Wersing (HRIeu), Stephan Hasler (HRIeu), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Divyam Rastogi “Deep Reinforcement Learning for Bipedal Robots”
Mentors: Ivan Koryakovskiy (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Nikol Guljelmovic “Task Parameter Inference in Human-Robot Interaction”
Mentors: Martijn Zeestraten (IIT), Sylvain Calinon (IIT), Jens Kober (TU Delft), Pieter Jonker (TU Delft)

Siddharth Ravi “Reinforcement Learning Across Timescales”
Mentors: Tim de Bruin (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Ronald Olsthoorn “Segmented Active Reward Learning”
Mentors: Jens Kober (TU Delft), Robert Babuška (TU Delft)

Yannick Kathmann “Multi-Sensor Human Detection on an Intelligent Security Robot - A study on combining vision and laser scan data”
Mentors: Jochem Verboom (RSS), Eelko van Breda (RSS), Floris Gaisser (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft), Pieter Jonker (TU Delft)

Niels Marck “Semi-parametric Identification of Manipulator Dynamics in a Time-varying Environment”
Mentor: Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Derk Mus “Generating Robotic Manipulation Trajectories with Neural Networks”
Mentors: Zoltán Szlávik (IBM), Robert-Jan Sips (IBM), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Xiang Zhang “Learning Control Policies for Tooth Extraction - An Application of Programming by Demonstration”
Mentors: Jens Kober (TU Delft), Tom van Riet (AMC)

Victor van Spaandonk “Learning Variable Impedance Control: A Model-Based Approach Using Gaussian Processes”
Mentor: Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Renée van der Wijden “Preference-driven Demonstration Ranking for Inverse Reinforcement Learning”
Mentors: Corrado Grappiolo (Alten), Chris Kalis (Alten), Jens Kober (TU Delft), Ivan Koryakovskiy (TU Delft), Martijn Wisse (TU Delft)

Jelle Munk “Deep Reinforcement Learning - Pretraining actor-critic networks using state representation learning”
Mentors: Jens Kober (TU Delft), Robert Babuška (TU Delft)

Denise Feirstein “Reinforcement Learning of Potential Fields to achieve Limit-Cycle Walking”
Mentors: Heike Vallery (TU Delft), Ivan Koryakovskiy (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Jihong Zhu “Real-time Collision Avoidance for Robot Manipulators by Braking Trajectory Prediction”
Mentors: Nico Mansfeld (DLR), Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Tamis van der Laan “Consolidated Deep Actor Critic Networks”
Mentors: Marco Loog (TU Delft), Jens Kober (TU Delft)